Millennium Global has taken His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan as its mentor and has developed its philosophy based on His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan’s philosophies. For example, His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan has said in various public speeches:

“Education is more than the acquisition of knowledge, more than facts, figures and book work. Education is a life-long experience in which qualities such as integrity, mental discipline, humility and honesty should be formed.” (AGM of the East Africa Muslim Welfare Society, November 16, 1957)

“A great school will educate its students not merely to be personally successful but also use their gift to build their communities and enhance common good beyond our dreams.”(Inauguration Ceremony of The Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa, December 20, 2003)


“The environment of the school, if it deplores bullying, cheating, and special treatment, will nurture growth, fearlessness and good character in its students. From such a school, graduates will be welcomed anywhere in the world, and the reputation of the school will be a light in its society.” (Inauguration Ceremony of The Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa, December 20, 2003)

"You can build 500 schools taking care of 20000 students, and yet I would prefer one school with 150 students, if this school is able to produce 120 honest, believing and fully educated students." (AGM of the East Africa Muslim Welfare Society, November 16, 1957)


"But buildings alone do not make a school, Good teaching makes a school." (Sherquila, Pakistan - May 14, 1983)


"The fruits of learning are to be at the service of all humanity." (University of Evora, Portugal, February 12, 2006)


"It is the responsibility of educators everywhere to help develop 'ethically literate' people who can reason morally whenever they analyse and resolve problems, who see the world through the lens of ethics, who can articulate their moral reasoning clearly - even in a world of cultural and religious diversity - and have the courage to make tough choices. And it is clear that the quality of ethical leadership throughout society can in great measure be shaped by our educational institutions." (June 2009)

"In His teachings, Hazrat Ali emphasized that 'No honour is like knowledge' and then He added that 'no belief is like modesty and patience, no attainment is like humility, no power if like forebearance, and no support is more reliable than consultation.'" (Commencement Ceremony of American University in Cairo, June 15, 2006)



MG recognizes that each student is unique, both in specific needs and in developmental rate, and that education should encourage children to grow cognitively, socially, physically and emotionally.

MG encourages students to listen, question, challenge, probe, and thereby make sense of their world.

MG encourages students to strive for continuous growth in an environment in which they experience the excitement of learning.

MG  recognizes the importance of developing in its students ethical and moral values, self esteem, leadership and respect for the rules of the School and the laws of society.

MG  believes that our separate heritages, beliefs and choices of expression help to define us as individuals, and that commitment to learning about one another and the larger world unites us as a community. Differences of all kinds are acknowledged and explored with enthusiasm and respect.

MG values the sense of community and well – being fostered by parental involvement in the life of the School, as the family is the primary source of traditions, celebrations and values for children.