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Millennium Global International School, Nairobi is where children have a plethora of opportunities to develop and thrive. Learning is not restricted to the classroom but also takes place on the sports field, preparing for a performance, through a community service project or in any one of the variety of activities that pupils participate in.

We aim to create an atmosphere that fosters enthusiasm for learning and promotes the personal development of each child. While students learn the value of academic achievement, they are also encouraged to take a broader view of success. Every member of the school is expected to contribute to the welfare of the school community in an effort to foster responsibility and accountability in generations to come. Leadership and initiative are encouraged and celebrated.

Having small class sizes and a low student to teacher ratio means that each child can receive the support and attention required to make excellent progress. Individualised learning means no child gets left behind nor left idle and unchallenged.


We follow the Pearson Edexcel iPrimary Curriculum which draws on the experiences and expertise of a global network. Lessons are lively, fun and challenging and provide pupils with the platform to think critically and independently. Success in examinations follows naturally from this approach.


The aim is to offer pupils a strong academic foundation and a diverse learning experience that allows them to excel in those areas where they have special interest or ability.

While core subjects such as English, Maths and Science form the centre of the curriculum, our Integrated Curriculum for pupils in Years 1-4 offers a broad range of subjects including ICT, Literature, Social Studies (Geography/History), PSHCE (Personal Safety, Health and Citizenship Education), Art and Design and Foreign Languages such as Spanish. In Years 5 and 6 we move towards a more clearly defined subject orientated timetable in preparation for Secondary School.



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