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Key Stage 5 (A-Levels)

In Years 12 and 13 students work towards obtaining AS and A Level qualifications offered by the Pearson Edexcel examination board.


The two-year IAS and IAL programme is rigorous and prepares students for University academically, emotionally, and psychologically.

A-levels are considered the 'Gold Standard' of High School Qualifications and are recognised by leading universities worldwide.


Graduates who obtain good grades are highly sought after by leading universities as the curriculum is designed to provide students with a balance of both academic and practical skills.


Students must select 3-4 A-level subjects, which they study over a two-year period, giving them the freedom to focus on their key strengths and interests in a fully personalised programme.


We guide our students every step of the way, helping them to make informed decisions about their future. In additional, Millennium Global International School is affiliated with several consultants such as S3 Education, Imperial Education, Studylink Agency, as well as internationally renowned KIC Univassist, and Edprograms. The benefit of such affiliations is that students interact directly with University Representatives and Admission Officers in order to get authentic and accurate information about admission requirements, procedures as well as scholarships. 

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