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Science in Action!

Updated: May 21, 2023

The Secondary School’s Science Fair took place on Saturday, May 13 2023, and parents and judges were astounded by the level of effort and enthusiasm, as well as eloquence and confidence, with which students presented their projects.

Year 10s were tasked with the hot topic of Global Warming and they presented well-researched projects in the areas of Soil Erosion, Acid Rain, the Greenhouse Effect, Greenhouse Gases, and Carbon Footprint.

Projects on display by Years 7,8 & 9 included: Anti-Drowsiness Glasses, LED Anti-Anxiety Cube, Water Cleaning Boat, Home Security Alarm, Earthquake Alarm, Solar Powered Boat, Acid Rain among others.

The highly commended projects, chosen by the judges from Discovery Centre Kenya, included: the Water Level Indicator, the Water Cleaning Boat, Greenhouse Effects Presentation, and the Carbon Footprint Presentation.

In 3rd place were the Acid Rain Presentation, and the LED Anti-Anxiety Cube Project

The Earthquake Alarm, and the Soil Erosion Demonstration clinched 2nd Place

In 1st place, the projects that capture the minds and hearts of all, were the Greenhouse Gases Presentation and the Anti-Drowsiness Glasses.

And the class whose projects collectively impressed the judges was the Year 7 class!

And their parents did not want to be left out! After all, many late nights were sacrificed by them in helping their children prepare for this day.

A successful day on the whole, and we are extremely proud of our students!

Special thanks going out to Keri of Discovery Centre Kenya was lending her expertise and guidance to our students as they prepared for this Science Fair.

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