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Who, What, Where We Are:

Everything You Need to Know

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An Award-Winning, institution of excellence, Millennium Global International School, Nairobi offers the Edexcel British International Curriculum from Kindergarten to A Levels, i.e. the Edexcel EYS, Key Stages 1-3, IGCSE and IAL Curricula.

Serene Location

A bona-fide Edexcel, Ministry of Education, and Kenya National Examinations Council approved Teaching and Learning Centre, and Examinations Centre, located in the serene and verdant area along Peponi Road, next to Kitisuru Road.

Recently awarded as the Most Outstanding School in Student Growth & Development in Africa, at the African Academia Awards, held in Dar es Salaam in September 2023

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Wholesome Mandate

We work around the clock to ensure students are brought up in a friendly, dignified, down-to-earth environment, grounded in all aspects of morality, ethics and etiquette, with exposure to a variety of co- and extracurricular activities to hone theirs skills and talents. 

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