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A Triumph of Charity: Our School's UNHCR Adventure

In the heart of last term, on a sunny July 8, 2023, our school's End Year Showcase and Charity Drive left an indelible mark on our students and the UNHCR community.

Led by a dedicated organizing committee from the High School section, our students made a noble decision to donate the event's proceeds to UNHCR. The remarkable part? UNHCR representatives were there to witness our students' talents, drive, and enthusiasm firsthand.

With unwavering support from parents and visitors, our students achieved the extraordinary. They collected an impressive USD 2000 for their chosen charity. The power of community was undeniable.

Recently, a remarkable opportunity knocked on our school's door. The organizing committee received an invitation to visit the UNHCR complex in Kitisuru. With open arms, UNHCR welcomed our students, offering them an insider's perspective on their impactful work. To make the day even more special, the Director General of the Sub-Saharan region of UNHCR stopped by to share his pearls of wisdom, encouraging the students to follow their dreams and not allow themselves to be limited in any way.

Our students, as always, shone brightly. Compliments poured in from the Director General and other UNHCR officials. We couldn't be prouder. Our students seized the moment, presenting their collection of USD 2000 to UNHCR. The gratitude in the room was palpable.

Students were also afforded a wonderful opportunity to tour the offices of UNHCR, gleaning a sense of purpose from the myriads of projects undertaken there. The crowning moment was when the Media team chose to audition two of the girls and recorded them articulating the UNHCR intro in their studios. The excitement grew as the boys watched the experts manouevre their way around various screens and professional editing software.

This experience isn't just a one-time event. It's a foundation for building a stronger community spirit within our students. We're optimistic that they'll carry this invaluable experience into their future, making the world a better place one act of kindness at a time.

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