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Celebrating Creativity: Students Shine in World Read Aloud Day Art Contest


In a world where technology often dominates, celebrating the power of storytelling and creativity becomes increasingly vital. Recently, our school had the privilege of participating in the World Read Aloud Day Art Contest, an event that not only encouraged reading but also ignited artistic expression among students.

The Story Behind the Contest:

World Read Aloud Day, a global movement initiated by LitWorld, aims to advocate for literacy and celebrate the joy of reading aloud. As part of this initiative, the Art Contest provided students with an opportunity to visually interpret characters from a selection of books to be read by their respective authors during a live program on YouTube.

The Winning Depiction and Gavaksh's Journey:

Among the array of characters to choose from, Gavaksh gravitated towards a character from "My Mouth is a Volcano," a book known for its impactful message on self-expression and mindfulness. With a blend of enthusiasm and meticulous attention to detail, Gavaksh brought the character to life through his artwork, capturing the essence of the book's themes with remarkable precision.

Gavaksh's illustration not only showcased his artistic talent but also demonstrated a deep understanding of the character's traits and the narrative's underlying message. His portrayal resonated with the judges, ultimately earning him recognition as one of the winners of the contest.

The Impact of Participation:

Participating in the World Read Aloud Day Art Contest proved to be more than just a creative endeavor for Gavaksh and his fellow students. It fostered a sense of connection to literature, encouraged critical thinking, and provided a platform for self-expression. Moreover, Gavaksh's achievement serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists and readers alike, reinforcing the notion that creativity knows no bounds.


As we reflect on the success of the World Read Aloud Day Art Contest and Gavaksh's remarkable achievement, we are reminded of the profound impact that literature and artistic expression can have on young minds. Through initiatives like these, we not only nurture creativity but also instill a lifelong love for reading and storytelling. Gavaksh's journey exemplifies the transformative power of literature and art, inspiring us all to embrace our creativity and share our voices with the world.

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