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First ever Business Pitch Competition

In a spectacular display of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, our talented students showcased their business acumen at the recently held Business Pitch Competition.

The event, held on 26th January 2024 at Millennium Global International School in partnership with Kids and Wealth, provided a platform for our student entrepreneurs to present their creative business ideas to a panel of esteemed judges from Sinapis.

The judges were also investors and they awarded the winners with seed capital and business training scholarships.

From sustainable ventures to cutting-edge tech solutions, the pitches reflected the diverse interests and talents of our student body. The competition not only celebrated creativity but also fostered a spirit of collaboration and determination among participants.

The featured businesses included:

1. Nocturna; Sleeping gummies by Maya and Tj

2.Iron Store; Droppshipping Fitness Store by Herman

3.Natural Jewels; Turning paper and plastic waste into excuisite jewellery by Joy and Tamicah

4.Com-bikes; converting petrol bikes into electric bikes by Dominic

5.Nailah's bakery; baking sugar free and gluten free pastries for diabetic people

6.Crafty Critters; making toys from the art of crotchet by Zoe, Benjamin and Milcah

7.NOF; making plant based organic fertilizers by Nathan and Louis

8. Bridging the gap; An app that connects employers and job seekers

The winners were:

First Place:

Crafty Critters and they were awarded 15,000Ksh and 100% Aspire Lauch Pad Scholarship

2nd Place:

Natural Jewels who received 10,000Ksh and 50% Aspire Launch Pad Scholarship

3rd Place:

Nocturna who received Ksh.5,000

Congratulations to all participants for their hard work and dedication in making the Business Pitch Competition a resounding success!

Special word of encouragement to our Ms Stephanie Malika for organizing this event and a massive thank you going out to Salome and Joe of Sinapis for their generous seed capital and words of encouragement and advice!

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