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Global Networking with EdTours

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Today, we were happy to host Directors of International Admissions from:

  • University of Northern Iowa

  • University of South Dakota

  • University of Iowa

  • Western Iowa Technical Community College

  • Arizona State University 

  • New Jersey Institute of Technology

  • Washington State University

As well as EdPrograms, who run Summer and Winter Camps in USA, Qatar, and Turkey.

Students had a golden opportunity to interact with Admissions Directors directly and understand the processes of admission and requirements they must work towards in order to realize their higher- education dreams.

It was a fruitful and beneficial occasion from which students came away feeling seen and heard, and the Directors came away full of praises for our wonderful teens.

We are grateful to Mr Umair Khan and Ms Sarah Gardener for including Millennium Global International School in their EdTour East Africa Fall 2023.

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