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Jeans for Genes Day

Millennium Global International School participated in the Jeans for Genes Day, a day designated to create awareness about genetic disorders, by wearing jeans!

Students of Kindergarten celebrated the day by colouring and decorating templates of 👖 whilst students of Years 1 and 2 acted out the role of genes in a fun instructional game. Year 3s worked on fun activities like word searches and spot-the-difference based on Jeans for Genes Day while Years 4 and 5 learnt more about genetic disorders, such as albinism, sickle cell anemia, cancer. Years 6, 9 and 11 indulged in artistic activities such as designing a pair of trendy jeans, designing a poster for social media to create awareness about genetic disorders. Years 7,8 and 10 took a more sciency route and delves into greater detail about genetic makeup, DNA, and disorders. All secondary classes also watched the heartwarming film, Wonder, which follows the story of Auggie, a boy born with Treacher Collins Syndrome and the struggles faced by both the boy and his family.

An important day met with great enthusiasm from our students

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