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Pancakes are not only a delicious breakfast treat, but they also provide a fantastic opportunity for children to learn and have fun in the kitchen.

Making pancakes with our Pre-primary and Primary kids was an interactive and educational experience that taught them valuable skills while creating lasting memories.

By involving children in the pancake-making process, they learnt important lessons such as measuring ingredients, following instructions, and practicing patience. It's a hands-on activity that encourages creativity as they can experiment with different toppings like fruits, chocolate chips, or even whipped cream.

Not only does making pancakes foster learning and creativity, but it also promotes bonding time between the children. It's a chance to work together as a team, laugh at funny mishaps, and enjoy the satisfaction of flipping those fluffy pancakes.

And, of course, nothing compares to savouring the delicious and yummy pancakes at the end of the activity!

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