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Success in the Pool 🏊

Millennium Global International School's Triumph at SBS Inter-Schools Swimming Gala


The sound of splashing water and cheering echoed through the aquatic center as Millennium Global International School's young swimmers showcased their exceptional talents at the SBS Inter-Schools Swimming Gala on Saturday, October 14, 2023.

The dedication, hard work, and sheer determination of our swimmers were on full display, resulting in a remarkable performance that earned the school a well-deserved 2nd Overall in the Girls' category and 3rd Overall in the Boys' category.

Girls’ Backstroke (ages 9-10):

Andrea, a shining star in the pool, took the gold in the Girls' Backstroke (ages 9-10) category. Her graceful strokes and unwavering focus pushed her ahead of the competition, marking an unforgettable victory for our school.

Girls’ Breaststroke (ages 9-10):

Once again, Andrea made a splash, this time in the Girls' Breaststroke (ages 9-10) event. Her remarkable consistency and impeccable technique secured another gold medal, underlining her exceptional talent.

Girls’ Breaststroke (ages 11-13):

Leena showcased her prowess in the Girls' Breaststroke (ages 11-13) category, emerging as the winner. Her dedication to honing her skills paid off, as she confidently claimed the top spot in this demanding event.

Boys’ Breaststroke (ages 7-8):

Lucas demonstrated his swimming finesse, winning the Boys' Breaststroke (ages 7-8) category. His impressive performance was a testament to his hard work and determination, and it secured a well-deserved victory for the school.

Girls’ Kickboard (ages 9-10):

Annabella's exceptional kickboard skills were on display in the Girls' Kickboard (ages 9-10) category. Her unwavering focus and technique led her to victory, and she proudly clinched the gold medal for our school.

Boys’ Kickboard (ages 7-8):

Lucas continued his impressive run in the Boys' Kickboard (ages 7-8) event, securing yet another gold medal. His dedication and skill in this category were truly admirable.

Boys’ Noodle Race (ages 3-5):

The younger generation of swimmers also contributed to our school's success. Noah's spirited performance in the Boys' Noodle Race (ages 3-5) category was nothing short of inspiring. His enthusiasm and determination earned him a well-deserved victory.

Girls’ Freestyle (ages 9-10):

Andrea once again took center stage in the Girls' Freestyle (ages 9-10) category, dominating the competition and claiming the gold medal. Her consistency and passion for swimming were evident in this event.

Boys’ Freestyle (ages 7-8):

Lucas continued his streak of victories by securing the gold medal in the Boys' Freestyle (ages 7-8) category. His outstanding performance added another feather to the school's cap.


The SBS Inter-Schools Swimming Gala on October 14, 2023, was a day of triumph for Millennium Global International School's swimming team. The swimmers displayed remarkable dedication and skill, resulting in an impressive 2nd Overall in the Girls' category and 3rd Overall in the Boys' category.

Congratulations to all our talented swimmers for their outstanding achievements and their contribution to our school's legacy of excellence in the pool. We are extremely proud of the winners as well all participants, including Abigail, Lyn, Khaleed, Natasha, Yusra, Ivan, Arjun, Heer and Gavaksh for taking part in the competition with enthusiasm and confidence and hope that they will continue to participate in many more to come.

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