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For an entire term, KG2 and Year 1s focused all their attention on Japan. They learnt about the country, its capital, its flag, the cuisine, famous geographical features like Mount Fuji and even picked up basic greetings like Konnichiwa, Arigato, and Sayonara.

We had the privilege of parental involvement as well whereby one of the student's parent came in and spent time with the students discussing her childhood in Japan, and students even learnt how to make her favourite childhood game with a newspaper! She also introduced the children to 'Kanji', a system of Japanese writing. Truly enchanting.

And the fun wasn't over yet. Students went on a class trip to a famous Japanese restaurant, Chiq, and learnt how to make sushi! Eating sushi with chopsticks was the highlight of the day. Mr Koki, the restauranter, was very forthcoming and taught the kids how to make an origami airplane, which were used in a race and winners got a prize!

The term culminated in a Zoom exchange between students of Millennium Global International School and Hoppel Land Kagurazaka, facilitated by Japan Thinkalot and the endearing mascot Magoo. Students got to meet, greet, sing and dance with their counterparts in Japan.

An unforgettable experience indeed.

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